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Mine is not this one, as mine is labeled with SPF30/PA++. But the packaging is similar.

Mentholatum Acnes UV Tint

From The Box:
The text is in Indonesian, so here they are translated:

  • Prevents acne, anti-UV lotion.
  • For indoor and outdoor uses.

Oily skin is one of the cause for acne, and UV radiation can make it more severe. Use Acnes UV Tint which contains anti-UV to protect your skin and prevents acne.


  • Anti-bacterial: Isopropyl Methylphenol kills acne-causing bacteria.
  • Anti-UV: SPF30 and PA++ shields skin from UV radiation.
  • Nourishes skin: Vitamin E and B6 helps keep skin soft and moist.
  • Make-up: Acts as makeup base and controls sebum.

Steryl Glycyrrhetinate soothes reddened skin caused by acne.

Oil-free, alcohol-free, and free from suntan substance which causes skin to darkens in contact with UV. Gentle and appropriate for all skin types.

My Skin Type:
Actually very oily, but surpressed with BHA exfoliator. Results in generally ranging from very dry to normal/combo skin. Generally dehydrated, very sensitive, and acne prone.

Small opaque plastic bottle with small opening. Very convenient at home or when travelling.

Similar to asian sunscreens. It’s liquid with tons of slip. Feels slightly oily to the touch, which I guess is caused by silicones, but it dries down fine. Not oily or tacky.

Sun Protection Level:
The best I’ve seen from a pure mineral filter drugstore sunscreen. It contains 10% Zinc Oxide and 8.6% Titanium Dioxide. Usually, a drugstore product won’t reach a 10% Zinc Oxide level :P

Mentholatum Acnes UV Tint SPF30/PA++ Protection Spectrum

Nevertheless, being micronized (and siliconized, they claim) Zinc Oxide, it’s probable that it doesn’t cover the highest spectrum of UVA. Good news is, it’s supposed to be stable.

As for how high the UVA protection is, it’s only PA++; which means it may range from PPD 6 to PPD 8. Kinda low for my taste. Usually, PPD10 is as low as I’m willing to go. Even then,  I wouldn’t use it daily; mostly only to alternate with more protective sunscreens.

My General Review:
I’m sorry that I’m about to crash a party here. Everyone raves about this product, but honestly, I don’t.

Of course, I bought it because of the raves. Plus, I’ve seen the ingredients in store and was pleasantly surprised to find it incorporates 10% Zinc Oxide, PLUS 8.6% Titanium Dioxide. That’s very rare for a drugstore product; usually they only contain smaller percentage of UV filter. Also, they contain some antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The texture is also quite nice, a lot of people love this kind of watery asian sunscreen type. Even though it feels slightly oily to the touch, it sinks in quickly. But on me, the good things ceased there.

First off, despite being micronized, the filters are there, creating messy, cakey look that I can’t get rid off. It disturbs the finish of my foundation, I couldn’t get perfect smooth face with this product underneath. I don’t understand why others never experience this problem, but then again I use a lot of product at one time. Much more than 1/3 teaspoon. And if you want a sunscreen to work as it claims to be, you better be packing it on your face. Especially liquid ones.

Frankly, this problem is common with a lot of  sunscreens utilizing mineral filters. And I’ve learned that I can use a more emollient moisturizer underneath, giving the sunscreen extra slippery surface so it blends better. But! I usually only use that method on weekends at home, when I don’t put any makeup on top. When I don’t really worry on how many oil my skin will spill.

On weekdays, when I put makeup on top, I couldn’t tolerate more emollient moisturizer underneath, could I? Even though Acnes UV Tint itself doesn’t feel oily throughout the day, I wouldn’t risk adding extra moisturizer per day basis.

Plus, there’s this tint problem. It’s beige. While it’s not a problem with my fellow yellow-toned ladies, it’s troublesome on my pink-toned face. It makes me look dull and darker than I really am. D’uh!

All in all, given the UVA protection is only PA++, I’m not willing to make sacrifices in order to wear this :(

What Else You Need To Know:
Mentholatum is owned by Rohto, and Acnes series seems to be Asian exclusive.

I always wear my antioxidant serum and moisturizer first. Shake the bottle well, and apply the sunscreen liberally and evenly all over face and neck.

Easily available at drugstores or supermarket here in Indonesia. Watson’s, for example.

Another good point of this product. It’s around IDR40,000 for 30ml, which is substantially cheaper than a lot of sunscreens.

I suspect that they didn’t give full ingredient list, but only the active ingredients.

Isopropyl Methylphenol 0.1%, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate 0.05%, dl-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Mg L-Ascorbyl-2-Phosphate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Rosemary Extract, Siliconized Micro Particles Zinc Oxide 10% & Titanium Dioxide 8.6%, Siliconized Talc, Mica, Titanium (CI 77891), Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77492), Red Iron Oxide (CI77491) and Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499), Perfume, Water.

Overall Rating:
3 out of 5. Best ingredients and filter I’ve seen in a pure mineral drugstore sunscreen, and a lot of people love this. But it’s not for me.

I recommend you to try it out, especially if you only want a light non water resistant sunscreen with not-so-high-and-greasy protection. Who knows it’ll work for you!

*This review will be cross posted in under username Crescent_Shadow.

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  1. hi again..
    I actually like this product, except, like you, the fact that it’s tinted..
    well, even though I have yellow-tone skin, I do have a problem with it.. I look white, and when I put my hand close to my face, I can see my hand is yellow.. I mean, yellow! :p
    so the overall look is a bit unnatural.. :(

      • wonderfulwortelworld
      • Posted January 7, 2010 at 1:12 pm
      • Permalink
      • Reply

      oh yes! the fluid is beige, on me it’s cakey and just like you, when i put my fingers on my face, it actually rub off in beige colors in my fingers.

      that’s too bad, since this product has the potential to be great. the ingredients are nice, the price is quite wallet-friendly.

  2. This effect could be avoided if they used nanoparticles, instead of micronized ones, but the particles become progressively smaller, their surface, in turn, becomes progressively bigger and in the interaction of this surface with the environment oxidative stress is induced.

      • wonderfulwortelworld
      • Posted January 8, 2010 at 8:19 pm
      • Permalink
      • Reply

      yes, nanoparticle filters should give smoother finish :) but i haven’t really grasp the pro and cons of nanoparticles. some said it can be absorbed into the bloodstream etc…but i’m not really convinced yet :)

      lately i’m more of a chemical filter user though!

  3. do you knwo of a website where I can buy this product from? I tried using it in Vietnam and thought it was great! but I’m in Australia now :(!

      • wonderfulwortelworld
      • Posted January 20, 2010 at 9:24 am
      • Permalink
      • Reply carries the SPF50/PA++ version one, and it’s free shipping! only add usd2 for registered shipping :)
      they also stock some other popular japanese sunscreen too :D

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