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I saw the Sephora-exclusive Kitten Set a couple days back, when Stila buzzed me up on the new Kitten lip glaze. I didn’t think much about it, since the lip glaze look pretty but I’m not a big fan of the Kitten eyeshadow fan, as I prefer cooler shades. But I gave a second look on the set and then realized that it is adorned with Stila girl! Yes, the Stila girl drawing the original Stila fans love!

Stila Kitten Set (Sephora-exclusive, US$18)

Stila Kitten Set (Sephora-exclusive, US$18)

For tons of long time Stila fan, Stila girl illustrations add up to the fun of collecting the product itself. Many of them collected Stila because of the Stila girl.

It was later diminished (by Estee Lauder?); no more Stila girl in as a product covers. Since then, they only existed in the promotion banners.

So maybe the casual/newer Stila fans can’t understand the fascination, but I’m personally is very happy with the come back! Now I want the set :D I’m interested in the lip glaze anyway…but it’s US$18. It doesn’t sound really expensive, and it’s cheaper anyway than buying the full size Kitten lip glaze alone (with no Stila girl on it :P). But I’ll get another Kitten pan. Which I already have, and I don’t use it really all that often. And it’s Sephora-only and they don’t ship to outside US! Hope the item will pop up in e(vil)Bay! :P I’ll decide by then :D

Stila Girl, Fall 2009

Stila Girl, Fall 2009

And I do hope the new Stila owner will resurrect the old tradition!

*You can find bigger pic of the set in Product Girl :)

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    [...] think this item will become a must have to the original Stila collector. Remember when I wrote that Stila Girl may be back? Yes! Stila has released Bold Beauty Palette last season, also with Stila Girl in the fron cover. [...]

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